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Diplômée en Histoire de l'Art et Muséologie à l'issue de quatre années d'études à l'Ecole du Louvre

mais également de la prestigieuse Ecole Jean Sablé, cours Supérieur de peinture en décor et Trompe l'oeil de Versailles,

mon objectif est de partager ma passion pour l'Art et faire entrer la beauté de la peinture dans notre cadre de vie .


I create decors : trompe-l'oeil, faux finishes materials (such as wood and marble), portraits, copies of ancient paintings and murals to order.

These paintings are created according to your desire : dimensions, colours, theme, style, everything is tailored to your personal project.

Thanks to my experience, I can also guide you to design yhe perfect project for you.

My clients are individuals who wish to beautify their homes, for communities in charge of public or historic buildings, businesses such as shops, hotels, restaurants, etc., as organisers of events or shows.

Carpe diem.jpg



Here below I'm also sharing some of my paintings, personal and contemporary creations that you can discover in galleries, exhibitions or workshops (pricelist on request).





Based in the South West of France, I can organize the delivery of my creations and I am mobile worldwile to work on site.

For any request, please contact me here .

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